Before we could realize, we were in our second year of our pursuit to become clinical psychologist. As our prestigious “school of psychology” in http://www.amity.edu/Amity university, Noida wants us to intern every semester, to gain experience and make us better suited for the professional world.

We asked around and came across this Non – profit organization by the name of ‘Nidhi foundation child’s right organization’. We looked up their website https://nidhifoundation.org/. To our surprise, this non- profit organization was run by people who were accomplished and well into their respective fields and yet decided to leave it all behind to be a part of this greater cause. They aimed at improving the health and education as segregated concepts with literacy capacity gap in children by dealing with them jointly, through their flagship program ‘mission nutrition’. We found their goal very in-line with ours, so we decided to volunteer.

During our 60 hours of volunteering we observed that few of the students were school dropouts due to their family conditions, some were promoted to higher classes but lacked the basic understanding that is needed for their age group, however, most of them were very keen and enthusiastic about studying and getting good grades in school.

Seeing the fire in their eyes and their zeal to learn new things every day, it filled us with motivation and inspired us to do our best. The best part was getting to know them and becoming a small part of their life.

We look forward to working with Nidhi foundation again as our experience there was amazing.

Niyati karkera

Jessica Uprety


I Arnav Narula, a student from Kothari international school was given a task of internship for a week. I with my fellow matesManvi Sharma and ShlokTondon went to an NGO which is an initiative by Nidhi Foundation. Firstly I thank my school for giving me an opportunity to work and also to nidhi foundations for allowing us to work in there department.

Our centre based in Kalyanpuri, Delhi had lots of children who were studying there. We found out that many of the children there did not have any access to school education which is very necessary for a proper development of a child. However there were children who were also going to school. Proper education and help was given to all the children studying in the NGO. The professional faculty were taking great care of everyone. We were properly guided by Ms.Shilpa and Ms.Vandana. We truly enjoyed being a part of the NGO. All of us had a totally different experience. Working in the department helped us to know the present status of the education facilities in our country and how people are helping those children without such access. We loved working with the teachers as well as the students and hope to be a part of this initiative afterwards as well. Thank you!

Arnav Narula