Skill Development (Unnati)


India’s development journey from a nascent polity to a thriving democracy is a paradox to some, complex poverty issues affecting women, children and other marginal groups are causes of concern to many. Over 70 % of India lives in villages and in extreme conditions of poverty.

The worst affected in these conditions are the women in the urban slums, primarily from migrant families, villages, who because of not having any control over land or other means of productions and due to the inherent patriarchal nature of society, face the worst forms of discrimination.

Nidhi Foundation aims to work with the women in the urban slums and villages and believes that helping women develop their inherent latent potentialities would bring about a holistic development for the society at large.

This is a community based initiative with the aim of empowering women to become entrepreneurs and teach sewing and stitching within the precincts of their community. This programme is necessarily “inclusive” in character, thereby implying that the programme is implemented for the economically poor irrespective of caste, class, religion or creed.