The Headings provided below are to facilitate the reading of this Privacy Policy and shall not affect the meaning and interpretation of the content presented hereunder.
Anonymous User: Means and refers to a User who does not wish to share Personal information with Nidhi Foundation.

Cookies: Cookies are small text files sent by a server, or web site, to store information on your computer. The next time you go to that site, or log on to that server, your computer sends that same cookie back to the server unchanged. Cookies are mostly used for authentication, keeping track of user information (preferences), and state maintenance (since the internet is a state-less protocol). Cookies, are not however, programs, but only date represented by text.

Cache: A cache is used to speed up certain computer operations by temporarily placing data, or a copy of it, in a location where it can be accessed more rapidly than normal.

Confidential Information: means and includes any information on the Nidhi Foundation portal that the Registered User of this portal can access only with a Registered Username and Password.

Disclaimer: means and refers to the Disclaimer provided by Nidhi Foundation on this portal

Governing Laws: means and includes the Information Technology Act 2000, Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules 2011, Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules 2011, and any other relevant cyber laws applicable in India.

Intellectual Property: means and refers to the definition of Intellectual property under the Terms of Use

Nidhi Foundation: means and includes, Nidhi Foundation, its Affiliates, agents, successors, directors, authorized representatives, employees and selected assigns

Nidhi Foundation Services: proprietary services of Nidhi Foundation being offered on this portal

Malware and Spyware: means and includes Trojans, viruses, worms, phishing activities, adware

Personal Information: means and includes sensitive information of any Registered User with regard to such Registered User’s identification, which is apparent or can be ascertained, such as passwords, age, name, gender, financial information, work experience, job description, designation, professional status, contact information, number of employees in the Registered User’s company, name of the Registered User’s company, results of tests taken by the Registered User on this portal and any other such information that is individually or cumulatively, unique to the identity of the Registered User, and any information that is available freely or is accessible in any public domain or furnished under the Right to Information Act, 2005, or any other law for the time being in force, shall not be considered as Personal Information or Sensitive Information as defined under the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules 2011

Registered User: means and refers to a User who has shared personal information with Nidhi Foundation.

Service Provider: means and refers to a provider of HR services

Solution Provider: means and refers to a provider of Tools and Solutions pertinent to Human Resource professionals

Terms of Use: Means and refers to the ‘Terms of Use’ page on this portal

Registered User: means and includes one who avails the services for his/ her own benefit or is an authorized or nominated representative of a body corporate to avail the services on this portal to use its links and sites as a registered member of this portal.

User Support Cell: Officer appointed by Nidhi Foundation to record all grievances of the Registered Users and one who will respond to their requests, complaints within a period of 30 days.

This Privacy Policy pertains to the collection and use of personal information from all Registered Users. Any personal information provided on this portal may be used by Nidhi Foundation, while being governed by this Privacy Policy. The Registered Users also need to understand their Terms of Use while accessing or using this portal and its contents and Nidhi Foundation’s limitation of liability in the Disclaimer page, related to such use or access.

The Personal Information as collected by Nidhi Foundation is usually for the purpose of providing efficient services to its Registered Users and in order to develop new and better services. It also enables Nidhi Foundation to recommend any services and to serve better its Registered Users as per their expectations.

Nidhi Foundation takes all reasonable measures to adhere to the Governing Laws, and the company places high priority on privacy and confidentiality of all information used on the portal, more specifically all Registered User information, which is collected from all Registered Users who access the portal or purchase and use any Service available on this portal.

This Privacy Policy is confined to the information obtained from Registered Users and authorized representatives of the Registered Users. Any breach of this privacy policy is visited upon by the remedies and legal action, which may be initiated for such violation.

Access to Personal Information
Nidhi Foundation, the Service Provider and Solutions Providers whose services are sought by the Registered User on this portal, are the parties who will have access to personal information of Registered Users in relation to specific Services. Any information entered while using a Service offered by the Service Provider or the Solution Provider will be accessed and used by such Service Provider or Solution Provider, as the case may be. All Service Providers and Solution Providers have entered into agreements with Nidhi Foundation and have agreed to strictly comply with the Privacy policy of this portal.
Some Registered Users would have shared information with the Business Partners of Nidhi Foundation and such Business Partners are also obliged to follow all aspects of this Privacy Policy.

Purpose and Use of Collecting Personal Information
The main purpose of collecting information from all Registered Users is to ensure that all Registered Users of this site have better service while browsing information, making purchases and using any Services listed on this portal. Collecting information such as what services the Registered User is interested in, whether it is training and development, or creating a job description, or using a psychometric test or industry the Registered User belong to, such as pharmaceuticals or automobile or any other, the number of employees in the Registered User’s company, are a few examples of information, which will help Nidhi Foundation identify the specific requirements of the Registered User.

The purposes of collecting such personal information are:

1. for providing customized services for each Registered User

Nidhi Foundation may collect personal information from Registered Users for the following purposes:

•    Customize the Registered User experience while navigating different sites and links on the portal
•    Customize Nidhi Foundation Services for the Registered User’s specific requirements to optimize the benefits of such Services to the Registered User
•    Collect information on behalf of Service Providers, who will need such personal information to identify issues, concerns and problems of Registered Users and provide such Registered Users the best possible solution
•    Collect information on behalf of Solution Providers to ensure that the tools purchased provide the Registered User the necessary outcome, based on the information the Registered User shares.

Such information shall be collected at the time of Registration, Subscription or use of Nidhi Foundation Services or Services of any third party Service Provider or Solution Provider.

2.    For compiling statistical information
Nidhi Foundation tracks non personal Registered User information as listed below:

•    Time and date of access
•    IP address
•    Geographical location of the registered user
•    To arrive at statistics related to usage of this portal. This information is collected to arrive at the following:
•    Number of visitors in a specific time period
•    The pages maximum visited within the portal

Such information will be collected by means of Cookies. If the Registered User does not want such information to be shared with Nidhi Foundation, the Registered User can set the Registered User’s browser setting to refuse such Cookies related to this portal. With such refusal, the Registered User may not be able to benefit from all parts and all aspects of this portal.

Nidhi Foundation may also collect industry specific information, related to:

•    Age
•    Gender
•    Number of employees
•    Industry in which the Registered User works

The above information is collected to provide statistical analysis of the HR industry to the Registered Users on this portal.
Other information that may be collected by Nidhi Foundation are:

•    Contact information such as telephone number, mobile number, email ID
•    Registered User feedback on the services used
•    Registered User details to respond to specific queries or issues

Nidhi Foundation may work with Third party research, rating or marketing agencies in collecting, tabulating and using such information to make informed decisions about any changes that need to be carried out in order to enhance the Registered User experience. Such information may be collected directly on the portal, via email, Third party developed surveys, telephone or mobile phone.

All financial information in relation to payment will not be collected by Nidhi Foundation but by Third Party Partners who, through a contract with Nidhi Foundation have agreed to maintain confidentiality of Personal Information.

Stored Information
Information collected is also stored by Nidhi Foundation so that every time a Registered User visits the portal, the Registered User does not have to input any data that has already been provided and all Registered User specific information will be stored on the portal and Nidhi Foundation will take all necessary steps and reasonable care as is required as the owner and operator of the portal to safeguard such Registered User Information. Any information in relation to Services Used, the amount of purchase made so far, results of any online tests taken on this portal and other such Registered User related information will also be made available to the Registered User to provide a description of usage. Nidhi Foundation strongly believes that storing of such information enables an efficient and effective use of the portal. Nidhi Foundation will maintain backups of all data to ensure lack of loss of data and this will include personal information as well.

The Registered User may also be requested to join in any quality improving questionnaire where no personal information needs to be provided. Such anonymous information will be stored for improving the quality and performance of the portal and the services offered on the portal.

An anonymous User, who accesses and uses the Nidhi Foundation portal without creating a User ID and password, ceases to visit the Nidhi Foundation site, and has not provided personal information to Nidhi Foundation may delete the ‘Cookies’ pertinent to this portal in the User’s browser.

Retention of Information and Disclosure
In all cases, Nidhi Foundation will retain non-personal information of its Registered Users, which will neither affect the identity of any Registered User nor will be in non-compliance of this Privacy Policy, for any statistical research in relation to past, current or future non-personal data.

Nidhi Foundation is bound by the agreement with the Registered User to not share any Personal Information of the Registered User with any Third Party unless specifically defined in this Privacy Policy.

This obligation shall, however, not apply when the Registered User provides, or when it reaches Nidhi Foundation’s attention that such Personal Information is:

•    At the time of disclosure, part of the public domain even before being provided to this portal
•    Required to be disclosed to a government agency to further the objectives of this Agreement or by an order passed by a proper Court of competent jurisdiction, an application of law or legislation of the Territory

The disclosures made herein are solely out of good faith and belief that such disclosure is for compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

As a promotional characteristic, Nidhi Foundation may invite Registered Users to offer their testimony and feedback on their usage of the portal and their personal experience on using the Services of Nidhi Foundation and Third Party Service and Solution Providers. In such cases, Nidhi Foundation may require the Registered User to share publically the following:

•    The Registered User’s thoughts and opinions on the portal
•    The Registered User’s thoughts and opinions on the Services of Nidhi Foundation and those of the Service and Solution Providers on the portal
•    The Registered User’s name
•    Designation
•    Name of the industry the Registered User works in
•    Name of the Company the Registered User works in

The Registered User reserves the right to reject offering any such testimony.

As and when information is sought from Registered Users, Nidhi Foundation will mention the use of the information and the authorized acquirers of such information and the Registered User has the sole discretion to either provide or not provide any information based on this. If such narration is not provided by Nidhi Foundation, the Registered User is advised not to enter such data and to contact Nidhi Foundation to identify those who will be authorized to access such information.

At any and every stage, before usage or access of the portal, whenever any information request is being made to the Registered User by any application on the portal, the Registered User has every right to not provide such information and thereby not use the Service available on the portal. All customization will be provided only based on the information provided and any untrue information supplied or misrepresentation made will be at the sole risk of the Registered User.

Some information requests would be required fields and some would be optional. It is at the Registered User’s sole discretion that such optional information can be provided. Such optional information will be collected to enhance the Registered User’s experience on this portal.

Further the Registered User also has option to visit the portal without revealing any Personal Information to the portal of Nidhi foundation as an Anonymous Registered User.

The Registered User also has the option to control the information automatically stored on the Registered User’s browser through cookies, which enables recalling and auto-filling of details when the same details are requested by various sites and portals. The Registered User can choose to delete Cookies periodically to maintain security of information from the Registered User’s end. Such Cookies are not under the control of Nidhi Foundation.
The Registered User shall ensure that the details provided, if any, are true and accurate to the best of the Registered User’s knowledge in order to benefit from the Nidhi Foundation portal. The Registered User is encouraged to update all personal information provided at any point in time such as, age or place of access, or correct any typographical errors such as in name, address or effect any other such change to the Registered User’s own profile.

Measures to Protect Privacy

•    Nidhi Foundation ensures that all data sent through from /to / through the B2B portal are encrypted during transmission and the Registered User will in turn need to ensure that the browser settings are secure.
•    Nidhi Foundation shall take all necessary and appropriate measures to prevent any unauthorized access or alteration, disclosure or destruction of any data maintained by Nidhi Foundation in terms of firewall, anti-spamming mechanisms Nidhi Foundation has the latest technologies physical or electronic wherein the personal information of the Registered User is protected and safeguarded. Nidhi Foundation ensures that it complies with the requirements of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and Rules with regard to protection and preservation of personal information and requirements, including those of all other Statutes under the Governing Law.
•    Nidhi Foundation states that it does not maintain or store any data with regard to online payments.

Protection of Privacy
Nidhi Foundation takes all efforts to preserve the confidentiality of any and every piece of personal information all Registered Users share on this portal. In order to take all necessary precautions to ensure seamless privacy of personal information of all the Registered Users of this portal, Nidhi Foundation urges all Registered Users to take all steps to personally preserve their information from their end as well.

Any and all information Registered Users will be sharing on this portal will be shared on other sites and portals as well and although Nidhi Foundation takes all reasonable safety and security measures to keep Registered User Information confidential there could be confidentiality breaches from any other sources as well. All Registered Users are to ensure that they do not let their Registered User names, Passwords, any codes or special keys provided by Nidhi Foundation to access any specific Service.

Nidhi Foundation also highly recommends to all Registered Users to change their passwords on a monthly basis and to create passwords as recommended with alphanumerical and special characters and not use date of birth or other easily available information as their password; the longer the password, the more difficult it would be for anyone else to breach and the Registered User’s personal information.

There are also third party links from this portal to other websites and the Registered User needs to carefully assess to whom the Registered User is providing any personal information. While visiting the websites of such Third parties, including Service Providers and Solution Providers, the Registered User needs to ensure that the Registered User visits the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer pages of such websites, which will not be operated by Nidhi Foundation.

Nidhi Foundation is conscious that privacy is a personal right of all Registered Users, without any hindrance from anyone with access to their personal information. This Privacy Policy identified that the personal information and any other information provided and / or collected from the Registered Users will not be available to any other Third Party and that the Use will be authorized only if used as per the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. Such information will be legally used only for the purpose for which it is intended and by only such authorized persons who are intended recipients of such information. Any unauthorized use of such personal information will be considered a serious offense and is punishable according to relevant Sections of the Governing laws and the Indian Penal Code.

At every stage of collecting data, the Registered Users will be notified on the purpose of collection of such Information.

Breach of Privacy Policy
If at any point in time any Registered User suspects a breach of the Registered User’s confidentiality or that the Registered User’s personal information has been compromised, whether on this portal or not the Registered User is strongly advised to immediately send a mail to or use the User Support Cell page on this portal to book the Registered User’s concern. Nidhi Foundation will take all necessary precautions to the extent possible to block the Registered User’s account and all personal information therein.

Changes and Updates
All content on this site is regulated periodically subject to modifications, including the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer pages. All Registered Users are strongly urged to visit such pages every time the Registered User enters the Nidhi Foundation portal to ensure that the Registered User is aware of the extent of protection and the terms of use of this portal