Nidhi Foundation is an independent NGO and child rights organisation. As of 2017, we are working in 3 states in India. Started in 2015 in India, we have since impacted lives of more than 500 children through our programme ‘Mission Nutrition’.

We are proud to be pioneers working in the area of nutrition and lack of it leading to decreased cognitive and mental development in children from the socially and economically excluded classes, thus delivering lasting results for vulnerable children.

Our pioneering program addresses children’s unique needs, giving them a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and improve their health and nutrition status. Drawing on a century of leading expertise, we take on the toughest challenges facing the hardest-to-reach children; especially those unfairly excluded from the world’s progress.


A just world for children of marginalized populations to enable them to develop into competent and confident individuals.


To influence multiple stakeholders at National, State and Local levels by promoting importance of nutritious food and education, through providing and supporting services, enhancing capacities and campaign building.