#BetheSanta- Charity Gifts for Underprivileged People

Whether you believe it or not, poverty is one of the biggest social evil in today’s world. In fact, every other evil that exists in today’s world seems to be born out of poverty itself. Though we cannot eliminate this problem from the root, by taking some initiatives and steps, we can make a difference to someone’s life. There are billions of people all over the world who are deprived of all the basic necessities and cannot even afford a one-time meal. If not in monetary terms, we can contribute to their lives in various other ways.

So, if you are wondering how you can contribute to making lives of less fortunate ones better, then below we are listing some ideal gifts to give this Christmas.

Perfect charity gifts for the deprived:

  1. Clothes: All of us often come across people shivering on the roadsides, pavements, etc as they have nothing warm to wear, especially in winter season. We spend so much on clothes. There are clothes that we never wear and clothes that we get bored of wearing. So why not give them away to the ones who need them? If you have clothes that you think can be reused, then you must donate it as for us it might be fashion, but for them, it is a necessity.
  1. Food: We have been told since childhood that we must have three meals a day. But there are people who can’t afford to eat even a single meal a day. So this Christmas, gift food to people and you will surely love the smile you will bring to their faces.
  1. Shelter: If you are blessed enough to afford it, then this will be the best gift you can give to someone. Gift a home to the homeless people. This way you will not just able to support one life but many others as well.
  1. Education: There are many children who are deprived of education. At the age, when they are supposed to carry books and go to school, they become busy raising their families. Education is the best gift you can give to others. By educating one child, you can educate a whole generation as well.  

So this Christmas, be someone’s Santa, give someone new hope in life and give these gifts to the underprivileged people.                                           

The best thing about these gifts is that it will not cost you much and will surely help you earn a lifetime of contentment and happiness.

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