So, a day in Kalyanpuri’s Nidhi Foundation Centre where, only you get to feel the positive vibes and the chaos of the children who comes with a beautiful smile and a dream to conquer. Being an intern at Nidhi Foundation I had to visit the Centre to conduct activity sessions with the children who belongs to the vulnerable section of the society and couldn’t afford a little for getting an educational background to their status. Nidhi Foundation came into existence with the initiative of providing free education and fighting the ill issue of malnutrition by providing these children mid-day meal and a glass of milk on a daily basis and thus giving them the opportunity to learn and chase their dreams.

  During my visit to the Centre, a girl caught my attention at the Centre. She appeared to have a spark in her eyes, concentrating in the classroom activities while also seemed to be tensed. As we were done with the activities I decided to interact with this particular girl. Being unaware of her good name, I greeted her by saying Hi! And from here we started our conservation.

  Introducing herself, Antara Rao is a 8th standard student, daughter of Mr. Charan Rao and Mrs. Vacchi Rao who held from Kalyanpuri. Having two elder male siblings, she is the youngest one in the family. Her father being the only breadwinner, is a school bus driver while mother works as a housewife. Although her eldest brother was employed for a short period of time but unfortunately had to leave his job due to low wage and move to their native village. Her second brother is a school dropout as he was not keen of studies and having a degree. But Antara being ambitious and different from her siblings has the desire to have education as her only weapon to achieve her dream to become a doctor in future. She mentioned how much she enjoys coming to the Nidhi Foundation Centre and atending her classes and learning the curriculum. She despite being from a poor family and illiterate parents, visualizes rich dreams to fulfill her basic requirements and gifting a better life to her family. She just being a 14 year old child is matured enough to feel the responsibility of looking after her parents and doing her regular studies. The strength she got to live her dreams one day is all what she gives credit to her parents who pushes her to cross the boundaries leaving behind the barriers that she presently encounters. I was about to bid goodbye to her, when she whispered to me saying- Didi, once I become a doctor I will have my own house and a car and I will live my dream in reality one day because “BIG RESULTS REQUIRE BIG AMBITION” and that’s what my mother use to tell me everyday. This is how we winded up the interaction by wishing her luck to become a successful individual in future.

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