9-year-old Ricky is the son of Jatindar Rai and Nagina Devi and Nikhil, as his younger sibling who is six years old. Originally from Bihar, the family has been living in the slums of Indira camp at Kalyanpuri for the past six years. The lure of better job opportunities and higher wages pushed the family to migrate to Delhi. Jatindar Rai works as a marble setter while his wife Nagina works as a domestic help. The couple has been working hard to secure the basic needs of their children.  

Despite their own lack of education, Jatindar and Nagina understand the value of knowledge and its merit in the real world. They have never neglected the need for education for their children, knowing the avenues that it will eventually open for their kids. However, their attempts to enroll Ricky and his brother into a school failed as they were not aware how to go about it. This is where Nidhi Foundation stepped in to help Ricky and his parents. It was when a team of volunteers visited the Indira camp that Ricky’s parents could access the help and information they needed. During their visit, the NF team witnessed the appalling conditions in which Ricky and his family lived in. The family was living in a tiny room with no proper washroom. The two brothers, Ricky and Nikhil looked visibly underdeveloped and malnourished.Things were clearly not the best for this migrant family.

After having a detailed conversation with the NF team regarding the health and education of their children, Jatindar and Nagina were extremely eager to send their children to school and to the remedial classes organised by Nidhi Foundation.  Soon after the meeting, Ricky and his brother were enrolled in the learning Centre of Kalyanpuri. What was immediately noticeable was Ricky’s enthusiasm and zeal for learning. He did not waste a single opportunity to learn and grabbed every word taught in class. The remedial classes gave him the opportunity to integrate himself into the mainstream and mingle with his peers.

Ricky is a fast learner, thus making it easy for him to join the mainstream school system. A few weeks into the remedial classes, Ricky and his brother were able to join a nearby MCD government school. He is now a proud student in class 2. He diligently attends school and comes to the Kalyanpuri centre to study more. Ricky aspires to become a brave soldier in the Indian army and wishes to serve his nation. His dreams motivate him to do better and work hard in order to remove himself from his current circumstances. By giving him access to good education and nutrition, Nidhi Foundation has played a crucial role in the life of this young boy.

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