Fighting Malnutrition – What can be done?

Good health is beneficial not only for the individual but for the nation as well. In many countries, especially the developing ones, achieving good health for a large proportion of the population is fraught with difficulties. In these countries, where the inadequate economy is a major problem for many, people suffer from various health issues. In these developing countries like India, almost half of the children under the age of five years die every year because of malnutrition. And those who somehow survive the condition, suffer from serious health disorders that are mostly chronic.

The prevailing situation of malnutrition in India is an important indicator of the country’s health. This results in an underperformance of the mass on a broader spectrum. The undernourished keep missing out the opportunities of becoming productive members of the society. Sadly, India has the highest recorded number of malnourished adults and children in the world. And, although the country aspires to meet the terms of its economic and social development goals, malnutrition is one arena which calls for greater attention.

For the poor and deprived, it is highly difficult, if not impossible, to bear the healthcare costs. Malnutrition can be prevented by taking small steps and before we treat the problem, we must learn the causes and symptoms of the situation in hand. The primary cause of malnutrition is lack of nutrients, even just one component like vitamin or mineral can lead to malnutrition.

Lack of nutrients is generally the result of insufficient nutrition and insufficient nutrition can be caused by an unbalanced diet, eating too little, excreting too much of a nutrient. Even some medications, malabsorption of nutrients and a variety of other medical conditions can be responsible for malnutrition.

Some people demand more nutrition than others, such as infants, children, kids in their adolescence, pregnant women and senior citizens. People in these groups could also be at a higher risk of being malnourished. Even serious health conditions and chronic diseases can affect nutritional needs and increase the chances of malnutrition in a person.

Nidhi Foundation has put great endeavours in the area of nutrition as well as education that have impacted the lives of more than 1000 children. On the forefront, Nidhi Foundation primarily focuses on improving the health and nutritional status of malnourished children and creating for them an opportunity to learn and grow.

The Foundation predominantly focuses on providing regular health checkups and dietary supplements like multivitamins, iron and calcium supplements and also de-worming tablets to the children who lack the minimum requirement of a balanced diet. Under their program, Mission Nutrition, the children of their ongoing chapters are given a glass of milk on a daily basis.

You can also do your bit and help us control the impediment of malnutrition by just contributing to that one glass of milk for just one child. If all of us take the responsibility of providing for just one glass of milk of each malnourished child, then this nation will definitely see the day when all its children will live in good health. Donate now, for the key to life is not accumulation; it’s contribution.


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