Every Christmas we ask all of you to come and #bethesanta for those who believe in it. #bethesanta is an initiative by Nidhi Foundation to bring the joy, love, and warmth into the lives of the people who deserve it. Christmas is the time of joy, laughter, happiness, and celebration and everyone deserves to have the warmth of love and care in their lives. It takes only three steps to #bethesanta and here we tell you how you can be one:


  • Pledge to give

The first step is to pledge to give the reusable books, old clothes, bedsheet, blanket, reusable stationery or your old newspapers for the ones who need it. Comb through your house and gather the stuff at one place which you think can be of any use for someone else.


  • Call us

Once you have everything ready that you want to donate, all you have to do is to give us a call at +91 78381 40599 and we will send our volunteer to your doorstep to pick it up.


  • Donate

Our volunteer will give you a call before coming to pick up the stuff that you want to donate. Be generous while giving away the stuff which you don’t need anymore because something which is a waste for you can be in a wish-list for somebody else.


Once we get all the donated stuff, our team of volunteers gets on with the task of sorting the usable products be it clothes, books, stationery, toys or shoes from the stack while we sell off the old newspaper and unusable products and use the money for Nidhi Foundation children’s Christmas celebration. We sort the stuff as per the age groups of the children at our center and make packages of the clothes, books, shoes, and toys together in one packet. Last Christmas we managed to make 1500 packages. On Christmas Eve our team along with all the children and volunteers of Nidhi Foundation comes together and decorate the Christmas tree with handmade ornaments and tassels, we celebrate with food and music and later in the night we distribute packages to the children. The happiness on their faces upon receiving these packages as Christmas gifts is the most precious thing in the world and it works as the reward for all the hard work and hours that we have spent into making things happen for them. Not only this, but we also distribute these packages to the homeless and beggars who spend the nights on the cold pavements under the freezing sky. Our team of volunteers and Nidhi Foundation family spends the week from Christmas Eve to New Years on the streets, distributing happiness in the form of packages to the ones who have no reason to be happy.


Year after year, we come back with #bethesanta and people join hands with us with only one aim, spreading joy, cheer, warmth and to give people a reason to be happy because Christmas is a time of the year when the magic happens.

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