Remedial Classes

Remedial classes


Malnutrition is the condition where the diet does not provide with adequate calories and protein for maintenance and growth of the children. It leaves them jittery, irritable, and tired and impaired their ability to concentrate. It eventually makes them to either drop out of the schools or not taking admission in schools because of the lack of concentration and interest in education.

At Nidhi Foundation, we run remedial classes at our centers from 9 a.m to 2 p.m, in two batches. Here we teach the children of migrant labours, whose children suffer the most in terms of health and education because of their frequent migrations. Majority of the children who comes to these classes are from the families whose income is less than INR 5,000/p.m. Here children are not only taught the basics of English, hindi, sciences and mathematics, but are also shaped into confident individuals. The purpose of our remedial classes is not only to reduce dropout rates but also to ensure retention of children in the schools.

This year, we have mainstreamed 35 children in regular schools.