We endeavor to establish Gender Equality in its true sense by
not just empowering the 48.5% of Indian population but ensuring

“They stand up for themselves”



Urbanization, migration and the role played by the informal economy are all intricately related. Home to 17 million people, Delhi has the highest inflow of unemployed labor today, taking in 300,000 more, every year, further increasing the already critical situation.

The worst hit in this scenario are the children, who remain malnourished due to not just poverty but access to and awareness about nourishment. The migrant and floating nature of families not only impact health but also education, thus most of these children are drop outs and have not received quality education.

Thus, Nidhi  Foundation ( NF) runs holistic program to improve not just health and education as segregated concepts but towards improving literacy capacity of children by dealing with them jointly.