Where Children Bloom


Where Children Bloom

Nidhi Foundation focuses on improving not just health and education as segregated concepts, but on bridging the literacy capacity gap in children by dealing with them jointly through its flagship programme, Mission Nutrition.

At our centers we provide 200ml of milk for six days a week, along with deworming and multivitamin dosage till they attain a BMI in the normal range. We also run informal school where we educate the children who are either dropouts or those who have never gone to schools before getting them enrolled in government formal schools. We also ensure the retention of children in school and are working towards reducing dropout rates.


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Poverty is the greatest barrier that is keeping away the millions of girls from getting access to the quality education. Every #child has a right to say #WhatIWant rather than being told what they should get. #Donate at .
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In India, millions of children are living on the streets. They are alone, scared and at risk of many vulnerabilities.

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7 days ago
"Every happy memory created for a child is another treasure of a lifetime" -Donna Marie

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